Lady's Rhythm

Lady's Rhythm is a woman's calendar helping every woman to calculate her menstruation cycle and to predict her ovulation and fertility days.

Further details like length of the cycle, temperature measurement, PMS, cramps and strength of the menstrual bleeding help the precise planning of travel, sport or leisure activities.

The application also supports the family planning: the fertility periods are automatically calculated from the ovulation days.

The possibility to enter notes and to print different statistics gives women precise information for own information or doctor's appointments

You can also download the current version of Lady's Rhythm here. It is and will remain free. It is currently available only as a Windows application.

The next generation of Lady's Rhythm is currently in development on the apps portal. It will be web based, supported on different devices (tablet, smartphone) and will have a lot of new functions. All functions of the current version will remain free in the next generation and you will be able to import your existing data in it.

Important: The calculations of the application are based on the data entered by you and your personal estimates. These can be imprecise and should only be used as reference points. The information from the application shall never be used as a safe method of contraception or family planning.

Lady’s Rhythm