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Working on our simulator with multiple Saitek / Mad Catz FIPs (Pro Flight Instrument Panels) we had the difficulty that every time we unplugged them and plugged them in again their order was incorrect in Prepar3D. This article explains how to reorder the panels by editing the XML configuration file and that works find but it takes time.

This application allows you to reorder the FIPs much easily. Just run the application (.net framework 4.5 required) and it will start Prepar3D (to initialize the panels) and ask you what you see on your FIPs at the moment. If you have less than 6 FIPs, just use the first places only. Select what you see and click on save. The XML file will be saved and Prepar3D will be closed. That's it. The next time you run Prepar3D, the FIPs will have the correct order.

The same solution would be possible for FSX but as we don't use it, we didn't add support for it. You can however do that very easily by looking at the code.

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FIP Configurator
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FIP Configurator