Laptop Cleaning

So That Your Laptop Works Longer and More Reliably

During operation, whether in the office or at home, every computer collects dust with its fan. Laptops are even more susceptible because they are smaller and over lie on the couch, the bed, a blanket or on our legs. Here is an example:

The result: the laptop gets loud, overheats, hangs, turns off by itself or does not start. The fan gets damaged and does not work properly any more.

The solution is yet very simple: Once per year get the laptop thoroughly cleaned inside! Then it will work longer and will not cause problems with the cooling. We gladly take over the cleaning for you.

How It Works

  • You order the cleaning and profit from our special homepage price.
  • You will receive a unique tracking number and all our coordinates.
  • You give us the laptop, either sending it per post (carefully and well backed) or bring it directly to our office in Luegislandstrasse 31, 8051 Zurich.
  • We clean it thoroughly and professionally, we oil the fan if required and we test everything in two business days.
  • You will be informed per email and can pick up the laptop yourself or we will send it back to you by registered post.
  • You receive an official VAT invoice from our company.
  • We give a two month warranty on our services.
  • We will gladly consult you about any other computer related questions you have!



Your privacy is very important for us and we respect your private sphere and documents. However, if you don't want to trust us with your data, remove the hard drive of the laptop before sending it to us. Or we can do that for you when you come to bring it in personally. For the tests after the cleaning we always use our own hard drives. When you pick up the laptop or receive it back, your hard drive is mounted again.

Price: 149.- CHF now only 119.- CHF (incl. material, plus shipping)

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Telephone: +41 44 554 68 47