Our Support for Your Smooth IT Experience

IT Support in Person, over the Phone or via Email

We can offer you support in all fields of IT: hardware, software and infrastructure.

We happily come to your premises when required, or we support you over the phone or via email to save on cost and reaction time.

We offer flexible payment plans and different reaction times and can adapt our level of support to your needs.

Individual Training

Nowadays technology develops at an incredible speed. In order to do their job effectively, both IT specialists and regular users have to learn to use new applications and platforms on a daily basis.

We offer training in different areas, from office applications up to software development. For us the most important thing is that the training helps you and your team achieve your goals. This is why we do not offer standardized courses but tailor the training to your specific needs. You can define the topics, the level and scope of the training and the size of the group. Of course we will assist you with this decision by recommending the most beneficial training setup.

We can do the training at our premises or directly at yours. Our certified trainers are fluent in both English and German. We offer training in the following fields:

  • General IT knowledge: Windows, MacOS, internet and email, safe behavior online, office applications (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), mobile devices
  • Specific IT knowledge and software development: Software architecture, C#, .Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Administration
  • Further topics as needed