Assistance in Software Development Projects

Workload Balance

There are fluctuations in the workload and resource requirements in many IT projects and their different phases. In case of shortages (e.g. missing experience or know-how, tight deadlines or insufficient resources) we help you with our experienced specialists. We can work together on parts of the development or completely take it over for you: the cooperation is defined individually for every project.

Our Know-how

We assist you in the areas:

  • Project management and customer relationships
  • Consulting and business analysis
  • Team leading and coaching
  • Architecture and design
  • Database design and administration
  • Software development
  • Tests
  • Deployment
  • Training and support
  • Different technologies

Our Strengths

We carry out different projects: short and long, simple and complex. With the years we gathered a lot of practical experience in time-critical projects. Whether the project was tightly planned, there are not enough resources or technical problems caused a delay, we can find a solution.

We get on board with the project and the business domain quickly. With our high quality and efficiency we bring the project back on-track. If needed we make recommendations how to accelerate and enhance the development and the whole process.

We are looking forward to being of your assistance, your consultant and dedicated partner.