Repairs, Maintenance and Exclusivity


When a device (be it a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone) fails and the problem is no more covered by the warranty, one can try to give it to the manufacturer for repair. This is often not possible any more or just costs too much. However it is very likely that another cost-efficient solution exists. We check the problem and make you an offer. And you pay only if the repair is successful.


With time computers become slower and slower, there is more and more software which was once tested and never used again. Dust leaves its traces as well: the fans become loud, everything gets warm and the device turns off by itself without a warning. However this does not mean that you need a new system. Very often a careful and thorough cleaning or a new software installation is enough to bring the device back to life. This is what we professionally do for you.

We carry out the repairs and maintenance jobs at our premises or directly in your home or office.

You can see some concrete offers here or contact us for your specific case.


When you want to have something special (e.g. a network secured with an OpenWrt router, a home cinema system based on MiniPC or a cool gaming platform) the rich market offer can become confusing and sometimes over expensive.

With our know-how and experience we help you select the correct devices and configure them correctly. We also make the needed software installations and connect the new device with the existing ones (e.g. your new home cinema with the existing TV).

Of course you get all needed access data so that you remain independent and can control your devices yourself.